Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The planting of 20 olive trees

When you look at google-earth, the only spot on Ithaka, devoid of any olive trees, is OUR SPOT!
So, last November, Robbert set about fixing that, by promptly getting 20 olive trees and 3 lemon trees delivered from the local nursery in Vathi, which turned out to come all the way from Kefalonia - by ferry of course! Teeny little trees arrived, their size was disappointing at first, by I was very thankful, when I ended up carry them around the 6000 sq m of terraced property to place them in their 'ideal' spots. Robbert got himself a spade from the local handyman and with the help of a pick-axe from our neighbour Pedro, the Builder, as we fondly call him, he set about planting them in the stony Ithankian soil, one by one, as daylight faded into Brave, Determined ...Will See, Will Buy...Will Conquer Husband!!!