Saturday, February 26, 2011

Some images of Ithaka in Fall

October is a beautiful time to visit the Island. The weather is great, there are still some visitors around, but the big rush is overand the locals start unwinding after the busy season ( altough they always seem to be unwound) ...

There is some progress!

We were pleasantly surprised on our next visit to see the progress made since our last visit in April.It is beginning october and 6 months of work has been happening??????? More then likely they did most of it in the last month... But look at it, the roof is on, partly, and for the first time we could walk into the house on the 2nd floor to our little balcony. That was worth celebrating!!
They had also chipped away all the plaster on the inside of the house which now for the first time exposed all the beautiful stonework! Excited!!!! Lots again to be discussed his week and lots of decisions to be made. But first an ouzo!!!